Pricing Intelligence Made Easy.

PricingCompass gives you access to your competitors' pricing and assortment information helping you to make faster and smarter price decisions.

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Our customers

  Track your competitive pricing landscape

Track your competitors' prices and quickly identify the products that are too expensive or too cheap in your product mix in order to take corrective actions. In addition, receive daily email alerts to be aware of price changes.

  Compare your mix with each of your competitors.

Identify categories or brands for which you have important assortment differences against your competition. Analyze their catalog and use advanced search tools to find opportunities like hot products that you are not selling.

  Why PricingCompass

Many multinational retailers and brands already trust PricingCompass for its intuitive platform and precise information. We don't only provide a powerful tool but work closely with our customers to help them become more competitive.

"After trying many solutions, PricingCompass was the only one that provided us with precise matches and on-time information about our pricing and assortment situation in comparison with our competitors."

Daniel Guell - General Manager of Omnichannel – Department Stores at Cencosud

"PricingCompass has allowed our team to be aware of our competitive context both on prices and mix on a daily basis, like never before."

Sebastián Orellana - Business Manager at

Smart Pricing

  • Compare and monitor your prices against your competitors, with data updated several times a day
  • Receive daily alerts about price changes, out-of-stock products, and incorrect prices configured to your specific needs
  • Analyze the price evolution by SKU and retailer to uncover key information and trends, allowing you to make better agreements with providers and retailers
  • Discover the penetration of proprietary credit cards within each retailer, for better understanding of how each is executing it's strategy

Smart Assortment

  • Compare your product mix against your competitors by category or SKU, identifying historic trends, brands, and other important insights
  • Rapidly identify mix opportunities, checking SKUs and brands that your competitors manage and you don't
  • Easily browse and filter your competitors' catalogs, with no need to visit their websites

Smart Retail Suite

  • Integrate the advantages of Smart Pricing and Smart Assortment in a unique and powerful tool that enables you with all the insights necessary to manage an online and omni-channel competitive business
  • Check out your daily competitive landscape in one view with a powerful and customized dashboard for pricing, mix, and other important variables
  • Export all the data you need to Excel to integrate it with other tools.
  • Receive full training and continuous support from our experienced Retail Experts to obtain maximum advantages

Smart Pricing Optimization

  • Find the right price at any time, using pricing optimization rules previously defined by your business.
  • Use inputs such as historic price, your stock and your competitors' available stock, and your sales or desired margins to optimize your prices
  • Increase your margins by identifying products for which raising the price won't negatively impact sales

Smart Brands

  • Control the competitive landscape and make smart, on-time decisions with real-time pricing and mix information for SKUs and brands
  • Discover competitors' pricing strategies for each channel using real-time information about their actions
  • Detect opportunities to compare and increase share of online shelf and identify new products or brand launchings

Our Customers

Some of the retailers and brands that already trust us are:

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Accurate data

Our algorithms take into account the language and specific contexts of every country in which we operate allowing us to match products automátically in a very precise way. In addition, a quality assurance team ensures errors remain at a minimum.

Retail Experts Team permanent support

Our experienced retail experts team works directly with you to better understand your field and specific needs, making the information we provide more insightful and ultimately more profitable.

Easy set-up

The implementation and access to our platform is hassle free without the need of complex integrations or even your company's resources.


PricingCompass is a multinational tech company with presence in 7 countries. We are proud to serve many international omnichannel and online retailers and brands that are leaders in their countries.
Our goal is to become a strategic partner for our customers in everything related to pricing and assortment information and decisions.
PricingCompass combines a strong engineering team and experienced retail experts to empower our clients with strong competitive advantages.

Careers at PricingCompass

PricingCompass is proud to empower tomorrow’s commerce. We are currently growing rapidly in many countries, and we are in search of wonderful people to join our team. We have an internal culture that enjoys tackling difficult challenges, and we are always looking for better ways to do things. If you would like to be a shaper of tomorrow’s commerce we invite you to meet our team by applying here